A recruiting agency for marketers, founded by a marketer.

We are not a staffing firm. We're a talent agency which continuously scouts for marketers based on superior experience, career consistency, reputation, professional character and market-demand. Our clients range from marketing agencies and start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

Every recruiting firm claims to be the best. Many boast on having a secret proprietary formula for finding and recruiting talent. We won't bore you by saying the same thing. Plain and simple, we know marketing. Our agency was founded by a marketer. We recruit like it's our employee we're hiring. We won't take the job description at face value. We ask questions, learn your company and make recommendations.  We'll let you know straight up if what you're looking for doesn't exist or isn't easy to find. We won't waste your time.

We're experts in the art of sourcing and recruiting and can pitch your company and opportunity in a way that wins talent over again and again.  We also have a great reputation among marketers and that means we have a deep referral network.

Most importantly, what you want to hear is that we deliver. On average, we present 2 to 4 candidates per position and the winning candidate is within the first 2 97% of the time.

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