Who IS Raegan Hill?

Who IS Raegan

Raegan is a marketer-turned-recruiter. Based in Houston, TX, she began her career in marketing working for companies such as BMC Software, Halliburton and even for the NFL as the Director of the Volunteer program for Super Bowl XXXVIII (38) in 2004. 

She kicked off her recruiting career in 2005 after a layoff resulted in the elimination of her position as a Trade Show Marketing Manager at a software company.

Just like many of the professionals she represents, Raegan walked into a recruiting firm in 2005 seeking representation — but instead she was pitched the idea of becoming a recruiter and took a leap of faith. Her love of marketing and passion for helping people made her fall in love with the recruiting profession.

Raegan loves to give back — she believes in the power of positive association, positive thinking and "paying it forward." She has served on the Board of Directors for the Houston Interactive Marketing Association (HiMA), as the Marketing Chair for the 2015 Women's Energy Network Conference (WEN), volunteered to be a Professional Development and Career Facilitator at the 2015 and 2016 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), and she is the former Director of Communications for the Houston User Experience Professionals Association (HUXPA). She also served as the Houston Spokesperson for the Houston Chapter of The CMO Club, a members-only global club for Chief Marketing Officers (2010-2014). 

Raegan is also a contributing author for “Hired! Paths to Employment in the Social Media Era,” by Jeff Sheehan and Alfred M. Smith. Her expertise in marketing, recruiting, technology and people gives her insight into exactly how to identify the talent, skill-set and personality you're looking for to fit your team. To learn more about Raegan, go to linkedin.com/in/raeganhill.