Client Testimonial | Service Corporation International (SCI) Aug 13, 2016
Robert Frogee

"Raegan was instrumental in helping me build the first digital marketing team at SCI. Raegan knows the marketing landscape and she does the legwork to ensure she is on a first name basis with upper tier players; from digital marketing specialists to CMO's. If you want a Timex, go to a cookie cutter staffing firm. If you want a handcrafted time piece, work with Raegan Hill."


Client Testimonial | Super Energy Services Aug 8, 2016
James Brown

"Raegan Hill is THE undisputed thought leader for Marketing recruiting in Houston, TX. Raegan makes a point to understand both your intrinsic and extrinsic objectives related to building scalable Marketing teams. A dollar spent with Raegan, provides twice the value of other marketing recruiting firms based on the quality, speed and effectiveness of her services."


Client Testimonial | Insperity July 9, 2016
Neil Brown

"Raegan is THE standard I compare all other recruiters to in the marketing and creative field. Her deep knowledge and understanding of marketing and creative mixed with an innate intuition makes her my go to person when I have an open position. She is a joy to work with and her enthusiasm is infectious - getting the perfect candidate you thought you would never find is just part and parcel of working with Raegan."


Client Testimonial | Weatherford International Jul 27, 2014
David Musso

"Raegan is genuinely invested in the best interests of both the candidate and the company and does an excellent job of balancing the two. Raegan took the time to understand the company culture and the skill gaps we were trying to fill. Tapping a seemingly expansive network, she had an artful intuition matching personality, goals, and skills with the opportunities we had available."


Client Testimonial | Boyden Global Executive Search Jan 9, 2009
Alicia (Russell) Hassell

"I have hired Raegan on several occasions for a variety of projects. She is always enthusiastic and creative in her approach and consistent in her delivery. It seems no one is better connected than she!"