Candidate Testimonial | Placed at Weatherford International Aug 18, 2016

"Raegan has been an invaluable professional resource and friend of mine much of my career. Not only has she been able to place me in a spectacular role but she continued to offer career advice, coaching and mentorship through many of my transitions. Because of her digital savviness, her recommendations have always given me the leading edge to land the job I want and land it quickly."


Candidate Testimonial | Placed at Vinson & Elkins Aug 18, 2016
Alison Reynolds

"While Raegan represented me, her communication was swift, clear and frequent. I never once ‘where I stood’ in the process. She was a great source of reason and guidance in taking my career to the next level! I cannot recommend her services enough."


Candidate Testimonial | Placed at Wood Mackenzie Aug 3, 2016
Julianna Arnim

"As someone who has worked with her in the search for a new position after nearly nine years at the same company, I can attest to her ability to truly listen. She took the time to know me — not just my skills — and also to understand the direction I wanted to go in."


Candidate Testimonial | Placed at Service Corporation International Apr 4, 2015
Jennifer Bradley

"From our first meeting, I knew that this experience would be different. Instead of jumping directly into the business aspect of recruiting, Raegan took the time to understand what I was looking for at this stage in my career and worked with me to determine my strengths and weaknesses."


Candidate Testimonial | Placed at Insperity Jul 8, 2014
Amy Stoneham Cortez

"Raegan is amazing at what she does and I absolutely loved working with her. As a recruiter, she is constantly looking out for the best interests of both the hiring company and the prospect. She helped me make a career and life-changing decision, matched me with an amazing company in the perfect position, and I could not speak more highly of her."


Career Coaching Testimonial Dec 1, 2016
Peter Geisheker

"While on my executive job search I spoke with Raegan to discuss the type of position I wanted and what strategies I should use to market myself to potential employers. Raegan reviewed my resume and cover letter and told me all the things I was doing wrong and how to correctly write my resume and cover letter. She also provided me with many sample resumes and cover letters that were used to help her clients land great jobs. She told me what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in today's job market and what I needed to do to grab their attention. I followed Raegan's advice and within a few months I landed a fantastic director level marketing position with a tech company, which was exactly what I wanted. If you are thinking about working with Raegan to help you land a great job, do it. You won't find a better recruiter and career coach than Raegan Hill."


Career Coach Testimonial Oct 17, 2016
Anita Lauhoff

"Raegan really is ALL that and more. One positive connection and inventive spirit that you should know and work with in some capacity.

I think she knows everyone - or they know of her - because she has reached out with personalized messages or calls directly. She does not just "connect" she really connects with people.

I met her via LI 15+ years ago, spoke on the phone and finally met her in person a year ago. I hired her to be my "secret weapon" and she has enhanced my own personal job search strategies and has strategically intensified my recruiting techniques (we all need teachers).

She is quite the "creative one" she says she is. Raegan has introduced me to so many new techniques, has pushed me to another level and has done it with patience and encouragement."


Career Coaching Testimonial Aug 3, 2016
Rachel Parker

"Working with Raegan was my first experience using a recruiter. I was so impressed and pleased with our time together - she was the definition of professionalism and wonderfully personable to boot. When we first spoke, she gave me incredibly helpful advice about job searching and the Houston market in general. It was refreshing to get a new, honest perspective about my career expectations.

When it came to my resume, she helped me present myself in the absolute best way possible, which ultimately got me my dream job. While Raegan represented me during the application process, her communication was swift, clear and frequent. She handled everything. I never once wondered "where I stood" in the process. She was a great source of reason and guidance in taking my career to the next level! I cannot recommend her services enough."


Career Coaching Testinmonial Apr 23, 2015
Dave Huffman

"Raegan and I met at a time in my career, some 12 years in, where I had gotten sloppy.

It's a place I never thought I'd be, but there I was...and after a relocation to Houston, with zero local network to rely on...I was job searching, for 9 months, with no luck.

I couldn't figure it out. I had all this experience, but I couldn't seem to get through to anyone. It seemed hopeless.

On our first call, because of the sloppiness mentioned above, Raegan made the decision that I wouldn't be a good fit for her to represent at that particular time...

...but it doesn't end there like it may have with so many other recruiters.


Because Raegan plays the long game...and she's a it for the greater good.

After deciding I wasn't fit for representation at that time, she then took an hour out of her day to coach me up.

At the end of that hour, I had a list of actionable items I needed to complete to help bring myself up out of the slop zone (my words) and into a place where I'd have a chance at piquing a hiring manager's interest.

By taking her advice and completing those items alone, I got more leads in the next two weeks than I had in the previous 9 months combined.

I was blown away. She fixed the bottleneck. Got me back on track. I'm forever grateful."


Candidate Testimonial | Placed at Weatherford International Mar 12, 2015
Michael Woods

"Working with Raegan was the best experience I've ever had working with a recruiter. She was always professional, enthusiastic, and honest. I appreciated that she was straightforward with me when discussing opportunities and what jobs she saw as the right fit for me. And when the perfect opportunity came along, she worked hard to put me in the best light, while meeting her client's needs. Her encouragement and honesty throughout the process gave me peace of mind, and helped me through some uncertain days while waiting to see if an offer would come. For me, she wasn't just a recruiter. She was also a career counselor, hype woman, encourager, and sounding board. She was as excited, or maybe even more, when I accepted my dream job. My family and I will be always grateful to Raegan for her help, and the humanity that she showed."


Candidate Testimonial | Placed at Weatherford International Jan 12, 2015
Jessica Tanner

"I had the pleasure of working with Raegan during my recent career transition in September 2014. She successfully holds both the interest of the company and that of the candidate in her mind at all times to guarantee the perfect fit. Raegan was extremely professional and personable and exceeded all expectations I previously held about working with a recruiter. Her coaching and advice prior to the interview was invaluable in getting me into my present position and I highly recommend her professional services to others."