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We know our clients and we know what qualities matter most to them. Below are the areas that we focus on when reviewing your candidacy: 

Experience and Skill

  • Mid, Senior, Executive and C-level (CMO) - The minimum is 5 years of experience in marketing.
  • Marketing Specialization - We look for marketing professionals who have honed their skills over time in a specific area of marketing or digital marketing such as online marketing, demand gen, search marketing, CRM marketing, shopper marketing, marketing automationm, marketing analytics, omnichannel marketing, etc.



  • Degree - A BA in Marketing or similar field is strongly preferred. We do have some clients who are open to experience over degree, but about 80% of our clients require a Bachelor's to be considered.
  • MBA - HUGE bonus points if you have an MBA.
  • Training and Certifications - We look for marketing professionals who continuously want grow by attending conferences, taking online marketing courses and completing marketing certifications to improve their craft and show employers they are staying current in marketing trends.



  • Career Stability - We want to see that you've been able to accomplish projects and succeed in your role prior to moving to your next employer.
  • Reputation/References - Have you created a career path full of accolades and recommendations? This is a very important quality to us and our clients.
  • Emotional IQ - We look for professionals who have developed their technical skill and soft skills. How well do you interact with your peers, your manager, your direct reports?
  • Leadership Qualities - For our senior-to-executive roles, we look for marketers who have admirable leadership qualities; those who can command without demand, lead by example and with humility and personal ownership for their contribution to team cohesiveness.
  • Influencing Skills - For our senior-to-executive roles, we look for marketers who can influence and gain buy-in from their team, other departments and upper management.


If you believe you match the experience, skills and qualities our clients look for, please submit your resume. Please include a personalized cover letter and share a little bit about yourself. All resumes are reviewed and assessed by a human. If you qualify for one of our open positions or possess the traits our clients are looking for, we will contact you to schedule an initial phone interview.

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Director of Digital and eCommerce Marketing | Houston, TX


Local candidates are preferred. There is no relocation package for out of city/state candidates who apply.


Please review the job description and apply directly. InMails or Emails without applying first are reviewed last.

Located in Houston, TX, our client is looking for a digital savvy marketer to lead their digital, eCommerce and Omni-channel marketing efforts. To qualify for this position, you must have experience in the Consumer Goods or Retail industry. 

Our client is a 25-year-old manufacturing company that manufactures and sells custom home décor worldwide via online direct-to-consumer ecommerce websites and through wholesale Partner relationships with over 30 major Retailers such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart,, Amazon, Wayfair, Groupon, Living Social, etc.
Location: West of I-10 and 610, Houston, TX
The Director of Digital & eCommerce Marketing reports to the CEO and is accountable for managing highly complex digital, ecommerce and omni-channel marketing programs, This is a leadership role; perfect for someone who sees the big picture, can analyze campaign data, measure campaign success, make projections and confidently present to the CEO an even better marketing plan than what is already in place.   

Our client sales both online direct-to-consumer and wholesale through Partner relationships:
Direct-to-Consumer (Online): Identify new ways of increasing online retail direct-to-consumer sales through creative, strategic and measurable digital marketing campaigns and promotions.
Wholesale: Oversee Partner relationships (Amazon, Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.) and devise creative co-op marketing campaigns that motivate Partners to feature the manufacturer's products in their stores and online. Advise and guide the Account Management team responsible for the day to day interaction with point of contact for each Partner.

  • Work with Retail Partners (Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, etc.) on co-op marketing campaigns designed to increase sells through Partner Retail Stores and Partner Websites
  • Continuously analyze onling marketing campaigns and their success; propose innovative ways to improve the online marketing campaigns in order to increase sales
  • Manage a marketing budget in excess of $1M
  • Create reports and executive dashboards and distribute regularly
  • Manage a team of 6 to 10 people (sales, account management and digital marketing)
  • Direct the digital marketing team and provide them with clear strategic digital marketing campaign strategy guidance that they can execute on
  • Track and measure marketing efforts in order to meet sales goals (ROI)
  • Assess all marketing campaigns and their performance and make recommendations on ways to increase sales through campaign optimization and new promotional ideas
  • Hold daily and monthly meetings with the sales team and account managers (account managers manage relationships with partners such as Wayfair, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.). Lead, guide, advise and motivate them.


  • Strong digital, ecommerce and omni-channel marketing experience within the Retail or other Consumer Goods industry
  • Experience creating co-op marketing campaigns with Retail/Wholesale relationships (Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Wayfair, etc.)
  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Marketing, Advertising, Communications or similar field of study
  • 5 to 10+ years of progressively challenging marketing experience
  • Experience successfully managing and implementing an omni-channel marketing program
  • Experience leading and managing teams which include sales, digital marketing and Partner Account Managers   
  • Experience creating long range, annual and seasonal marketing plans; monitor and measure results, including return on investment
  • Deep knowledge of the various marketing channels and strategies that go into an omni-channel approach (Facebook advertising/digital advertising, email marketing, CRM marketing. social media, affiliate marketing, PPC/SEO, mobile marketing, partner/co-op marketing, etc.)
  • Strong Influencing/Negotiating skills



Marketing Coordinator | Houston, TX (Upper Kirby Area)



Located in the Upper Kirby District area of Houston, TX our client is looking for a quick-learning, upbeat Marketing Coordinator to join their hip, fun corporate marketing team. Reporting directly to the Director of Marketing, the Marketing Coordinator is the “glue” behind everything that Marketing is responsible for and will keep the marketing team and the Director of Marketing on track and organized and help on a variety of assigned marketing projects as needed.


This is considered a Junior-level position. You will need to have about 1 to 2 years of post-graduate marketing experience where you’ve worked for a company, responsible for marketing coordination and special marketing projects.  


About the Company:


National, financial services, approximately 350 employees. Great benefits and beautiful office space centrally located in Houston, TX. Free valet parking (covered garage) every day, snack cart of free healthy (and some not-so-healthy) snacks twice a day, super fun, drama-free culture!


Stuff You’ll Be Working on Immediately:


  • Marketing Coordination: Coordinating projects and doing all the stuff that no one sees but every marketing department needs help with. You’ll be the go-to person on the team for help to keep everyone on track and organized.
  • General Marketing Responsibilities: Marketing is never still. You’ll be tackling new projects, learning new tools, figuring out new things on a regular basis. From web analytics review and reporting to SEO to creating landing pages or brainstorming with the team on new campaign ideas.
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): You’re going to get to learn how to use the company’s CRM, how to enter information into it, how to create reports, etc. Don’t worry; you’ll be trained on this but you do need to have experience working within a CRM system or some sort of complex database.
  • CRM Training: Not everyone knows how to use this CRM. You’ll become the resident “expert” and even lead training sessions with other departments who use the CRM such as Sales.
  • Social Media: Monitor and support what’s already out there for the company while coming up with new strategies and campaigns to maximize audience participation and engagement through the various social channels.
  • Writing: Writing for ads, product brochures, various marketing collateral, web content, social media content, etc. If you tend to tell others that you suck at writing, this isn’t the job for you. We don’t need you to be an expert writer (yet), but you do need to feel that it’s one of your strengths and you love doing it. We’re going to want to see some of your writing samples, too.


Qualities We’re Looking For:


  • Aptitude: Do you figure new things out fast? If your boss asked you to learn a new marketing tool by the end of the week, would that excite you or send you into performance-panic mode?
  • Initiative: You can assess what needs to be done and take action independently
  • Follow-through: You do what you commit to doing and finish what you start without needing to be reminded over and over.
  • Follow-up: Waiting on something from a peer who doesn’t get back with you as promised? You are a follow-up master; ensuring no task gets dropped, overlooked or left behind.
  • Knowledge-junkie: You and Google have a personal relationship; you’re constantly finding online marketing courses to take, reading blogs on the latest marketing trends, or learning some new cool technique.
  • Personal Responsibility to Grow: You crave to be better and to grow your marketing skills and seek ways to do so inside and outside of work.
  • Professionalism: You’ll be working in the Corporate Marketing Department of a financial services company with regular exposure to the CEO and executive team and conduct yourself professionally around them.
  • Likable and Coachable: You’re going to get asked to help with a lot of different things, last minute and some tasks will be just plain boring but oh-so important. You approach everything as an opportunity to learn, you take constructive feedback and you get things done with a positive attitude. 
  • You Love the Details: You like getting into the weeds of things, analyzing the details and making sure nothing gets overlooked.
  • Analytical – you can analyze data and analytics and help spot improvements or trends.

  • 1 to 2 years of post-graduate experience in a marketing position at a company
  • At least a 2-year degree, preferably a Bachelor’s degree
  • You WANT to be in marketing – this is your career path
  • Writing is a strength of yours – you love to write



Senior Director of Marketing | Houston, TX



Location: Houston, TX (Near I-10 and Chimney Rock Rd)


Reporting directly to the President, our client is looking for a Senior Director of Marketing who can lead, motivate and inspire a marketing team to want to go beyond status-quo and strive to continuously improve, innovate and outdo previous benchmarks.


The Senior Director of Marketing removes all barriers, obstacles and limitations to ensure the marketing team can execute at peak performance on the day-to-day marketing needs of the Company while keeping a sharp eye on the future; understanding that marketing must continuously evolve, adapt and innovate by conceiving, launching and piloting new offerings for customers.


Who are YOU? If you're “The One,” you'll display thought leadership, strong persuasion and influencing skills, have the ability to project-manage a team responsible for a large marketing portfolio of projects while constantly finding ways to monetize innovative ideas and move them from ideation into actionable plans. You bring you’re A+ game every day - not because it’s required, but because it’s who you are. It’s in your DNA. You are progressive, innovative and data-obsessed. You can lead, rally and motivate a high-performing marketing team.


You like to be in the middle of it all (or you want to be); maybe you write LinkedIn articles and/or blogs on topics of marketing innovation and strategy. You have an opinion. You’re passionate about marketing’s role in how it can drive success for a company. You’re constantly reading up on new marketing trends and best practices. You come highly recommended. You jump at opportunities to present theory and innovative marketing concepts to internal stakeholders. You are a natural presenter and can sell a vision that you’re passionate about. You enjoy speaking at marketing related conferences and/or local meet-up groups.


About the Company: Progressive Commercial Property Management company, nationwide with approximately 1500 employees. Headquarters in Houston, TX. Centrally located.






You are the steward of the entire Marketing Ecosystem and are responsible for strategically project-managing and overseeing a portfolio of all internal and external marketing projects for all marketing practice areas.


Every project, asset, marketing process, campaign, idea and strategy is tracked in the Company’s Proprietary Project Management Software and measured, assessed and repeatedly reviewed and refined with the goal of spotting trends and new ways to maximize Marketing’s output with a focus on efficiency and speed.

Your responsibility is to:


  • Fanatically monitor all marketing projects historically captured in the Company’s Proprietary Project Management Software: their health (ROI), their status (are they behind and if so, why and what should be done) and their priority (should one be move lower/higher in priority and based on what and why). Steer projects to completion while mitigating deadline oversites and scope creep. Monitor resource allocation (your team.)
  • Continuously evaluate and analyze marketing benchmarks: Analyze the Marketing Ecosystem and proactively identify gaps where benchmarks are outdated or nonexistent. Make data-driven recommendations on what the benchmark should be, document it, implement the approach, have the team adjust accordingly and then test the results to determine if the benchmark requires adjusting.
  • Obsessive Process Improvement: All marketing processes are documented in the Company’s Proprietary Project Management Software. Review and re-review every process on a regular basis to ensure repetitive activities are standardized and in turn providing the opportunity for marketing to scale quickly and increase their capacity to take on new projects.



  • Weekly Executive Meetings: Meet weekly with the President; present an overview of the State of Marketing against Company goals and objectives. Discuss innovative ideas that, if implemented, will increase the Company’s market share or brand equity. You back your idea up with data, research, metrics and clear/measurable projected results.
  • Quarterly Department Leadership Marketing Meetings: Lead quarterly meetings with each departmental leader to ensure Marketing is supporting that department. Proactively present recommendations for ways in which a department can better service their customer. Example: Proposing to the Accounting department that a UX/UI refresh of their Accounting website that customers can log into to make property payments will result in an 22% increase in customer usage. Sell the idea, gain buy-in and then implement it (always within the Company’s Proprietary Project Management Software.)
  • Daily Scrum Meetings: Daily agile-based scrum meetings with your team (comprised of local, non-local and international team members.)
  • Ad-Hoc Brainstorming Meetings: You are responsible for initiating time-appropriate ad-hoc meetings to brainstorm on new ideas or marketing projects while balancing this investment of time with the day-to-day responsibilities your team is accountable for.




  • Day-to-Day Marketing Team Management: Remove obstacles that slow the Marketing team down or hinder them from completing projects on time. Identify members who are being underutilized and those who are at capacity and adjust resource allocation accordingly.
  • Leadership: Resolve issues that derive from underperformers while identifying the root cause and individual ways to coach and train them, motivate your overachievers, build trust and comradery among the team, inspire by example, serve as a “culture-pilot” for the organization, setting the example for other departments to push to be their very best.




  • Regularly analyze what’s going on in the competitive landscape and look for ways for marketing to innovate. Record in the Company’s Proprietary Project Management Software upon initial concept through to execution.
  • Research marketing and industry best practices to find emerging trends that the Company could take advance of and implement before the Competition does.
  • Continuously monitor what the competition is doing with a very acute eye on the “hidden competition” i.e., competition that may not appear obvious at first but is gaining momentum in the Company’s space. Document every move they make and react quickly with new ways to market the Company based on your findings.



  • B2B and B2C Marketing experience with continuously increased marketing responsibilities and you are now at a Senior Manager or Director level with team and budgetary responsibilities. If you’ve worked at a Marketing Agency, that counts too.
  • Career-hustling go-getter; driven to succeed at anything you set your mind to.
  • Experience driving, project-managing, leading and motivating marketing teams to peak performance.
  • Experience project-managing a large portfolio of marketing projects with personal accountability for measuring and refining each project against Company goals and objectives.
  • Marketing and technology savvy; you stay on the forefront of what’s in, what’s old, what’s coming…you attend digital marketing and technology conferences and have a long laundry list of blogs, thought leaders and subject matter experts that you follow to stay “in the know” as it relates to marketing and the technologies that fuel a marketing program.
  • Extreme project-management and analytical skills. Seriously extreme.
  • Experience with marketing budgetary responsibilities.
  • SWOT Analysis experience.
  • Mind-set of “everything in marketing should be continuously documented, reviewed, measured and improved.”
  • Bachelor’s Degree is strongly preferred. Non-degree candidates will be considered on a case-by-case-basis.



Senior Marketing Manager | Houston, TX



Located near Downtown Houston, TX, our client is looking for a take-action Senior Marketing Manager.


To qualify for this position, you must have B2B Software or B2B Software Services marketing experience.


The company has gone through several M&A’s in the two years and the company is about to launch their new brand and company name next month and are looking for a Senior Marketing Manager who can develop a cohesive marketing plan.

Industry: B2B Technology-enabled services

Reporting to the CEO, the Senior Marketing Manager’s internal clients include the COO who oversees Account Management and New Client Onboarding, the EVP who oversees Product Marketing and Head of Sales to develop a fully integrated marketing program which includes lead generation, new client onboarding marketing, sales enablement, email marketing/marketing automation, product marketing, social media and content strategy and analytics. Deep knowledge of Salesforce and HubSpot is required.


The Senior Marketing Manager will serve as the lead for executing on all marketing programs. This is a challenging opportunity for a marketer who has experience building a marketing program from the ground up and possesses the confidence to report to a CEO and work directly with C-level internal stakeholders.  This is a highly visible, hands on role.

The ideal candidate should be strategic, resourceful and have a progressive awareness of marketing best practices and a deep understanding the technology needed to fuel and support a marketing program. You must be a polished business communicator and leader/doer mentality with the ability to work directly with executive stakeholders. We’re looking for a marketer with a blend of strategic, executional, analytical and budgetary skills.

  • Define, create, and implement a comprehensive marketing program that will enhance the company’s presence and position within the marketplace. Implement the processes and systems necessary to execute the plan
  • Define the day to day marketing activities and manage them, knowing that they will expand and change over time as more awareness of what’s needed comes into focus
  • Manage a multi six figure marketing budget
  • Uphold brand integrity and ensure style guidelines are maintained both internally and externally
  • CRM: Lead the company’s CRM transformation: manage data, workflow, creation of reports, mailing lists and email marketing (Salesforce)
  • Lead Generation: Create strategy and oversee lead generation activities across multiple channels
  • Brand Strategy and Messaging: Align company on messaging and ensure consistency in materials and communication
  • Content Strategy: Curate and develop original, high-value content for website, newsletter, email campaigns, social media and other content as needed
  • Sales Enablement: Work closely with the Head of Sales to prepare pitches and sales materials to upsell existing clients and pitch new business
  • Social Media: Define an effective social media strategy and execute on that strategy
  • Product Marketing: Work with the Head of Product Management to create product launch marketing materials
  • Evaluate market research and adjust the marketing strategy to meet changing market and competitive conditions
  • Develop, implement, analyze and continuously refine the customer acquisition program strategy
  • Monitor competitor products, sales and marketing activities
  • Establish and maintain relationships with press, industry influencers and key strategic partners
  • Create executive marketing dashboards and reports; define KPI’s
  • Establish best practices, processes and guidelines for marketing
  • Ensure effective control of marketing results and take corrective action to guarantee that marketing objectives stay within budget


  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communication, business administration or similar field (REQUIRED)
  • B2B Software or Software services marketing experience is required
  • Experience working as a marketing department of one reporting to the C-suite with internal C-Suite stakeholders
  • Willing to perform both strategic and executional responsibilities for the first 6 to 12 months
  • Experience conceiving a marketing program from the ground up
  • Experience creating marketing programs for a complex B2B technology or technology-enabled industry
  • HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketing Automation, Google Analytics, Google Adwords experience
  • Marketing technology savvy; able to assess what technologies are needed and work with IT to implement them
  • Self-directed, results-driven and highly motivated
  • Able to lead executive meetings, propose strategy and follow through
  • Strong research, auditing, analytical and financial skills
  • Comfortable in a fast-moving, complex environment where priorities will change as marketing matures
  • Experience developing and managing an annual Marketing plan (budget, goals, strategies, tactics and timeline).
  • Experience reporting to a CEO and working directly with an executive leadership team



Director of Strategy (Agency) | Houston, TX


Location: Houston, TX (no remote) | Must be a US resident 

Must Have:  English/Spanish (Native English is strongly preferred)

Must Have:  Advanced digital, integrated marketing and brand knowledge

Must Have:  Agency-side experience in a Strategy role

Must Have:  Deep understanding of the US general market, US brands and what they want




International full-service digital agency with over 250 employees and several offices across the globe. The agency has deep experience across multiple sectors with a successful track record of launching campaigns for clients in more than 55 countries.




The agency is expanding into the US with their first US office located in Houston, TX. The Director of Strategy will play a critical role, responsible for leading the strategy efforts to guide the development of the agency's US targeted integrated, branding and digital marketing programs for international clients and new business within the US. 




  • With the support of the US Country Manager, Co-lead the strategy discipline for the US general market

  • Create powerful client presentations, new business pitches, and assist with RFP proposals for the agency’s US general market and current international clients who want a stronger brand presence in the US

  • Create innovative digital solutions for clients and develop a blended digital strategy that works towards delivering against a set of predefined objectives

  • Develop accurate and insightful conclusions from research data and clearly articulate strategic direction to the team and client
  • Serve as the thought leader in consumer-centric thinking; Using all known data sources (qualitative, quantitative, primary and secondary) to understand the consumer and brand
  • Develop a strong understanding of each client's business, the challenges they face in their market, their ambitions for development through online channels and then blend everything into an integrated digital approach that delivers results
  • Work in close partnership with accounts teams to identify potential new-business opportunities and develop plans to pitch and win new business
  • Serve as an active contributor to fulfill RFP responses and a key presenter during new business pitches and presentations
  • Serve as the lead representative with senior clients, partners and stakeholders during strategy development and planning
  • Review client briefs and work with the various teams to uncover insights that can be incorporated into a series of recommendations to pitch to clients
  • Listen to the input of others within the various teams and disciplines while ensuring that the end result ties back into a plan that works for the client





  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Advertising, Media, Finance, or similar field
  • 7+ years of diverse digital, integrated marketing and branding experience with your most recent responsibilities focused on strategic development and planning for major clients
  • Current experience working agency-side is required with advanced knowledge of all functional digital agency departments, capabilities and service areas (paid media, organic media, marketing technology, etc.)
  • Deep understanding of a wide range of US based industries, the US general market, and what it takes to stand out and service brands in the US
  • Native English preferred, advanced written and spoken Spanish
  • Well versed with digital planning tools such as comScore, SimilarWeb, App Annie, etc.
  • Understanding of Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), DoubleClick environment, Media Buying
  • Deep understanding of digital performance metrics, both organic and paid
  • Imagination and an appreciation for all digital channels and how they can work together
  • Strong analytical, research and market analysis skills
  • Strong data-driven marketing mindset



Web Developer | Houston, TX



Our client, a major B2B company in Houston, TX, is looking for a Web Developer to join the web development team within their Corporate Digital Marketing department. 


Our client will be going through a complete website redesign once a new CMS platform is selected. The ideal Web Developer should be sharp and knowledgeable in website development, project management, website architecture, user interface (UI) and understand user experience design principles. Additionally, we’re looking for a Web Developer who is willing to stretch outside their comfort zone to learn new skills as new technical needs are uncovered.



This is a position within a collaborative team environment with 3 other Web Developers within the Digital Marketing department. The ideal candidate should enjoy working with others to achieve a common objective.




  • 4 to 6 years of direct Web Development experience
  • BA/BS Degree
  • HTML, CSS, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP
  • Knowledge of open source software and APIs
  • Understanding of web applications and the development process for them
  • Understanding of relational databases
  • Knowledge of how to develop websites to enhance SEO capabilities
  • Experience with UI development
  • Knowledge of User Experience Design principles
  • Strong follow through and follow up skills; able to keep projects moving forward and on time
  • Ability to work in a collaborate team environment
  • Able to interact and communicate with peers and departmental leaders in a professional manner

Please apply directly to the position and include a cover letter outlining your direct experience relevant to the position. Thank you.



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