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If none of our open jobs are a fit for your skills, register with us to be considered for future opportunities.

We know our clients and we know what qualities matter most to them. Below are the areas that we focus on when reviewing your candidacy:

Experience and Skill

Mid, Senior, Executive and C-level (CMO) - The minimum is 5 years of experience in marketing.

Marketing Specialization - We look for marketing professionals who have honed their skills over time in a specific area of marketing or digital marketing such as online marketing, demand gen, search marketing, CRM marketing, shopper marketing, marketing automationm, marketing analytics, omnichannel marketing, etc.


Degree - A BA in Marketing or similar field is strongly preferred. We do have some clients who are open to experience over degree, but about 80% of our clients require a Bachelor's to be considered.

MBA - HUGE bonus points if you have an MBA.

Training and Certifications - We look for marketing professionals who continuously want grow by attending conferences, taking online marketing courses and completing marketing certifications to improve their craft and show employers they are staying current in marketing trends.


Career Stability - We want to see that you've been able to accomplish projects and succeed in your role prior to moving to your next employer.

Reputation/References - Have you created a career path full of accolades and recommendations? This is a very important quality to us and our clients.

Emotional IQ - We look for professionals who have developed their technical skill and soft skills. How well do you interact with your peers, your manager, your direct reports?

Leadership Qualities - For our senior-to-executive roles, we look for marketers who have admirable leadership qualities; those who can command without demand, lead by example and with humility and personal ownership for their contribution to team cohesiveness.

Influencing Skills - For our senior-to-executive roles, we look for marketers who can influence and gain buy-in from their team, other departments and upper management.


If you believe you match the experience, skills and qualities our clients look for, please submit your resume. Please include a personalized cover letter and share a little bit about yourself. All resumes are reviewed and assessed by a human. If you qualify for one of our open positions or possess the traits our clients are looking for, we will contact you to schedule an initial phone interview.