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Know A Great Marketer

Here's How It Works:

If you refer a candidate that we don't know and we place them, we'll send you $500. There is no time limit restriction. If we place them 6 months after the introduction, you get $500!


If you reintroduce us a candidate that is already in our database but we haven't talked to them in 12 months and we place them, we'll send you $500!

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Open Marketing Position?

Know A Company With Open Marketing Position

Here's How It Works:

You refer an open marketing position to us. Share as much detail about it as you can. You can even remain anonymous! Once the position is filled, we'll send you $500.


If we win a new client because of your introduction but don't immediately fill a position, we'll send you $500 when the first position is filled. Even if it's a year later!

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