Why Register With RAEGAN HILL?

Because second-best won’t do when you’re upping your professional game. You want an advocate who’s seen both playbooks — marketing and recruiting — and has a custom strategy built around your unique strengths.


We are Experienced in Recruiting AND Marketing Our founder, Raegan Hill, has 15+ years' experience as corporate marketer and 12 years as a marketing recruiter. She speaks your language and can pitch your value clearly to a client.


We're Responsive We know what it feels like to wonder where you stand after being presented to a position. We keep you in the loop every step of the way. We'll text you updates as they happen and we'll even email you and update to let you know there's no update. You're just as much a client to us as the companies we represent.


We're Transparent Growth can only happen when one knows where they need to improve. We won't sugar-coat the truth. We are transparent in why you didn't get the job or why you're not a match for a position. We won't leave you wondering.


We're Reputable Raegan is well-known in the marketing industry among CMOs, VPs of marketing and directors of various specializations. Her reputation brings in new marketing jobs on a regular basis that you can apply to.


We Offer Quality over Quantity On average, we present 3 to 4 completely unique candidates to every position we fill. You won't be competing against a stack of resumes. Who is the 4th candidate? It's always a "wild-card" - someone we believe based on our instincts and experience who can do the job but may not be an exact match on paper. 25% of our "wild-cards" get the job.


We Act As Your Agent We collect every detail possible about the position and the company and spend 30-60 minutes pitching the role to you. If we mutually agree it's a match, we write a "pitch" email to our client, outlining your strengths and why we believe you'd be a great candidate for the position.