What We Look for When Scouting for Marketing Professionals.

You've worked your you-know-what off to be the best at what you do and now you're ready to take the next step in your career. That's where we come in. Here are the qualities we look for:

Experience and Skill

  • Mid, Senior, Executive or C-level (CMO) Level 


  • Degree - A BA in Marketing or similar field is strongly desired.

  • MBA - HUGE bonus points if you have an MBA.

  • Training and Certifications


  • Career Stability - We want to see that you've been able to accomplish projects and succeed in your role prior to moving to your next position or employer. 

  • Reputation/References - Have you created a career path full of accolades and recommendations? This is a very important quality to us and our clients. 

  • Emotional IQ - We look for professionals who have developed their technical skill and soft skills. How well do you interact with your peers, your manager, your direct reports? 

  • Leadership Qualities - For our senior-to-executive roles, we look for marketers who have admirable leadership qualities; those who can command without demand, lead by example and with humility and personal ownership for their contribution to team cohesiveness.

  • Influencing Skills - For our senior-to-executive roles, we look for marketers who can influence and gain buy-in from their team, other departments and upper management.